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Welcome to Tandem

Indian Restaurant • Cocktail Bar

Imagine a place where a rich heritage meets artistic expression. And the predictable is transformed into the simply remarkable. Where flavours true to India enrich the mind, body and soul. Unexpected spicing combinations spark a smile in the mind. And a passion for quality is met with a devotion to ethical sourcing. A sensational venue set over two floors. Where vibrant colours ripple across rooms. Mixologists meet cocktail shakers. Each room tells a story and every visit instils a memory.

Inspired by history and culture, using traditional cooking techniques paired with contemporary plating, Tandem promises a multi-sensory feast. Indian food is as varied as it is delicious and we embrace the diversity of traditional India by exploring the culinary history and foreign influences from across the South West regions, whilst retaining the true purpose of Indian food – to nourish the body and mind.

We create authentic dishes using a variety of fresh and sustainably sourced ingredients, spices and unique cooking methods to develop truly unique tastes and tantalising flavours.

The vibrant interior takes inspiration from Goan and Portuguese influences and each of the five rooms, set across two storeys, create a distinctive ambience that is unique to the Tandem experience.

Tandem, it’s where Leicester meets.

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